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Chicago Bears Open Thread #9,943: NFL Combine, Draft, and more

Join us below for a Wednesday morning Open Thread!

Dennis Wierzbicki-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL Combine is upon us, followed closely by the NFL Draft. Teams will be jockeying for position trying to stake their claim to the most heralded prospects in the country, and will also be eyeing late-round talent that they feel could contribute down the road as well.

Ryan Pace is in his second year as general manager of the Chicago Bears, and did a seemingly great job in his first Draft with the team (despite 1st round pick Kevin White being unable to play due to injury). But the window for success in the NFL is 2-3 years, and after a losing record in 2015, what's equally important to building a solid roster is winning football games.

Feel free to discuss anything you like in the comments below, and drop in any links that you feel would be appropriate for discussion.

This is your Wednesday morning Open Thread... Have fun!