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Bears free agent targets: Tashaun Gipson

Do the Bears need need safety help?

Phil Sears-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL world may be focusing on the Combine but free agency is not far from everyone's mind.

Free agency is less than two weeks away now.

Free agency doesn't win championships but it is the second biggest player acquisition period of the offseason after the draft.

However, as an offseason newsmaker it is much bigger than the draft. The draft really only has  the drama of the mocks ahead of time and then the occasional trades.

Free agency is days of rumors and now the three days of allowed tampering just cause that much more excitement.

Last time I looked at a safety that I thought could be a fit for the Bears and today I'll look at another safety that could fit the Bears' interests.

One of the underrated parts of the Combine is the fact that other than the NFL meat market of prospects, its one of only a hand full of times that general managers and coaches speak to the media during the offseason.

And being that there is a plethora of coaches, GMs and media members in one place, naturally, the rumor mill begins to turn.

This week I've seen some whispers about the Bears possibly being interested in Brown safety Tashaun Gipson. Gipson, who is just 25, was a Pro-Bowler back in 2014. He's missed a few games with minor injuries the last year but has 14 career picks.

Gipson could be a true ballhawk on the back end of the defense, something that has been sorely lacking for several years. While he may not come cheap, he is still young and would help a pass defense that was spotty at times last year. The Bears also have the cap space to get a deal done.

Is Gipson someone you'd like to see the Bears pursue?