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Super Bowl 50: Pre-party Open Thread

Join us below for all your pre-party shenanigans!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The final football game of the 2015 season is scheduled to kick off at 5:30pm CT to, and features an unstoppable force in the Carolina Panthers offense versus and immovable object in the Denver Broncos defense.

As with most Super Bowls, there is plenty of history to be made once it is all said and done-- Cam Newton and Peyton Manning are the first two Heisman winners to square off in a Super Bowl, Gary Kubiak looks to become only the 4th head coach to win a Super Bowl in his first season as head coach-- and then we will all be able to turn our attention to the 2016 season and all of the fun stuff that comes before it.

Before all of the festivities kick off, you can hang out here and chat about the Big Day. Make sure you check out Jack Silverstein's Ode to Super Bowl XLI if you haven't yet, and let us know what you remember the most from that game.

What's on your food and beverage menu today? Who will you be rooting for tonight?

This is your Super Bowl 50 Pre-Party Open Thread... Have fun!