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Chicago Bears Open Thread #4,744: Tuesday news and updates

Join us below for your Tuesday morning Open Thread!

Riccardo Savi/Getty Images

The NFL Combine is now over, and the Draft is now only a few short weeks away. Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace is entering his second year with the team, and has plenty of work ahead of him if he's going to be serious about making a post-season run in 2016.

Plenty to discuss today, so feel free to click around any of these links, or drop in some of your own into the comments section:

- The NFL Combine top performers, broken down by position: LINK

- Former Bears quarterback Jim McMahon likes pot, and went to a pot conference in Texas: LINK

- Serveral impact players available for the Bears to select at #11: LINK

- Lester's 2016 Roster Turnover series-- lots of information, all in one place: LINK

- The 2016 NFL Draft and everything related to the Bears: LINK

This is your Tuesday morning Open Thread... Have fun!