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Chicago Bears re-sign Sherrick McManis to a 2 year deal

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears have announced that they are re-signing defensive back/special teamer Sherrick McMannis to a 2 year deal. Last year McManis led the Bears in special teams tackles with 17 after finishing 2nd on the team in 2014 with 13. During his four years as a Bear, he has played in 55 games making a team leading 55 special teams tackles during that span.

He began last year as the teams primary nickleback, playing in 298 defensive snaps on the season. He was in on 278 special teams snaps last year which was 60.8% of the 3rd phase total.

He struggled playing the slot corner last year, but he's one of the best in the NFL in covering kicks and punts. Perhaps he would be a better fit backing up on the outside while playing his exceptional special teams.

McManis visited the New England Patriots earlier today, but yesterday he expressed a desire to remain with the Bears.

What are your thoughts on McManis returning to Chicago?