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C.J. Anderson: "If it were about the money I would have gone to Chicago"

The Chicago Bears were in hot pursuit of running back C.J. Anderson when free agency kicked off, but he stayed in Denver when it was all said and done. However, the Bears clearly were being aggressive.

Richard Mackson-USA TODAY Sports

When the Chicago Bears decided they would not re-sign Matt Forte for the 2016 season, there were questions about whether or not Jeremy Langford would be able to shoulder the weight that Forte had carried for so many years.

When free agency kicked off last week, it didn't take long for rumors to surface that the Bears were indeed looking elsewhere for help, and of course C.J. Anderson was on the top of their list.

Eventually, Anderson decided to stay in Denver, but that was only after the Broncos decided to match the offer that the Miami Dolphins had made him, which was for four years and around $19 million total.

However, it would appear that neither of those two offers were the largest on the table. While the Dolphins actually drew up a contract for Anderson, the Bears must have gone all-in, based on the following tweet:

We know the Bears have the cap space to work with, so it's interesting to see that a player (allegedly) turned down the largest offer. Normally, it's strictly business.

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