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Tuesday Night Open Thread: Vikings new stadium on street named 'Chicago Avenue'

It's always fun to make fun of the Vikings, and usually, pretty easy to find reasons to.

Joe Robbins/Getty Images

When you're a fan of a sports team, winning games is almost as much fun to celebrate as seeing your rivals lose, and as it stands right now, fans of the Chicago Bears have yet another thing to laugh at the Minnesota Vikings about.

The Vikings spent a whopping billion dollars on their new stadium set to debut this season, and have now petitioned the city to change the name of the street that the stadium is built on.

They don't like the idea that their new stadium sits on Chicago Avenue — a street named after the hometown of one of their biggest rivals.

But the team says that's not the most important reason they want to change the street name to ‘Vikings Way.' Vikings Vice President Lester Bagley says it's about branding and tradition.

Apparently the city's Planning Commission denied the re-naming of the street to Vikings Way, at least for now, but of course the team will appeal and try to get something worked out. Surely, a billion dollar company will have a bit of influence the next time a vote among elected officials takes place.

Until then, the VIkings new stadium sits on Chicago Avenue.  Perfect.

This is your Tuesday Night Open Thread... Have fun.