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Bears remain unsettled at tight end and in the secondary

With free agency slowing to a trickle and the NFL Draft coming up in a little more than a month, it's a good time to evaluate where the roster stands.

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

There seems to be only a little dissension among Bears fans about the job that Ryan Pace is doing as general manager.

The argument against him, at this juncture, is that he gives away players for low value (which is false) and that perhaps he still relies too much on free agency.

However, it is still early into his tenure and it can be hard to get a really good read on the moves he's made so far and what they will do for the longterm plan to get the Bears into contention.

Now as the major part of free agency has come and gone, Pace has filled some definite need areas, especially at linebacker and on the defensive line. He also brought in Bobby Massie to solidify the offensive line and hopefully bring that group more stability.

The team is likely not done done making moves yet as there are still starting quality free agents available but I think that for the most part it's fair to start looking ahead to the draft, where Pace really has to have success.

By my count the draft is 41 days away and in that time Pace and his scouts will be hitting a lot of college pro-days and watching tape and finalizing their big board.

Pace is an advocate of drafting best available talent over positional needs but that doesn't mean that if two players have the same or close grades he might not lean toward a need should that be the case.

After such a successful offseason to this point, what are the big needs remaining on the Bears roster?

Tight end: Following the trade of Martellus Bennett the Bears suddenly lost their most productive player at the position from the last three seasons. Yes, Zach Miller had a better overall season last year and he is back in the fold but his injury history raises some red flags and the depth behind Miller is inexperienced or has very small production. The draft class isn't super deep at tight end but the Bears could possibly find good value on day two.

Cornerback: Tracy Porter is back in the fold but given his injury history (one full season in eight) and production that can best be characterized as "solid" is he really the guy you want to rely on as a number one corner? Kyle Fuller didn't make any progress in year two and has a lot of questions coming into this season. Bryce Callahan is currently the only other CB on the roster who has contributed well on defense. This might be the thinest group on the roster at this time.

Safety: Yes they have Adrian Amos coming back who will be looking to build on his good rookie campaign. They also have Antrel Rolle who is 33 and has injury issues last season. Harold Jones-Quartey is a question mark at best. This group could definitely use a boost.

Other positions have some questions, such as quarterback, where it's fair to question the depth behind Jay Cutler of David Fales and Matt Blanchard, as well as at center where it would appear the team is banking on second-year Hroniss Grasu to make a giant leap.

So with about 40 days to go, what do you see as the Bears biggest remaining needs?