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Matt Forte upset the Bears never offered him a contract

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Social media is a wonderful way for people to keep connected, but it's also a way to stir some controversy if you don't think before you post.

The Chicago Bears decided to allow running back Matt Forte to leave via free agency after 8 seasons, 2 Pro Bowls, 8,602 rushing yards, 487 receptions and 64 total touchdowns. Many Bears' fans were sad to see the popular Forte go, but the Bears made a business decision to go younger at the position.

Forte was very gracious to the only organization he's ever know when he announced that he wouldn't be returning to Chicago, and the Bears showed class by allowing Forte to make the announcement before announcing it themselves.

But there may be some hard feelings after all from Matt Forte.

Earlier this morning Forte re-tweeted a tweet from a fan that said this, "The way Ryan Pace went after CJ Anderson after not even offering Forte a contract doesnt sit well with me!!"

Forte re-tweeted it with a "Me either."

Check out the Tweet right here.

The Bears reportedly offered restricted free agent Anderson more money than the offer sheet he signed with the Miami Dolphins.

The New York Jets ended up signing the 30 year old Forte, while the Denver Broncos ended up matching the offer to bring back the 25 year old Anderson.

Maybe Forte thought long and hard about his Tweet before shooting it out, or maybe he was just caught up in the emotion of leaving the only place he's ever played professionally.

Does this surprise you that Ryan Pace and the Bears didn't offer anything to Forte?