Vernon Hargreaves III vs Ezekiel Elliott vs Ronnie Stanley

This started as a post in the weekend Den but started spiraling out of control. IMO these 3 seem to be the popular choices for the Bears at #11 in the upcoming NFL draft. If the draft plays out like I think it will in a BPA situation, we SHOULD have our choice of 1 of these 3. I wanted to watch some game film on these 3 so I could get excited on draft day when the Bears pick one of them. I'd be thrilled with any of these 3 in a Bears uniform next year. He are some of my thoughts as I watched the game films.

ND vs USC - Ronnie Stanley - LINK Insanely good footwork. Was incredible in pass protection. He is good when he gets out in space ahead of a play, not great. Avg in run blocking, lacks in the power department, never really overpowered anyone. He does have a fast first step though when setting up the "Hole" or the "Angle" of the block... I'm not a coach I can't describe it. Overall in this one game he looks damn good. I tell you what I DID see, I see CJ Procise! He was less than adequate in pass protection, but I think I liked watching him more than I liked watching Zeke Elliott. The dude has potential, and he's big. Great combo with Langford IMO.

OSU vs Illinois - Ezekiel Elliott - LINK This video really is just a clip show of all his runs so I didn't get to see other intangibles (pass blocking, catches, etc). Watching this made me feel bad for the Illinois D-Line, it was like watching Varsity beat up on the JV squad. Jihad Ward, who? He constantly got swallowed up by the OSU line. Elliott just pounded the rock over and over and over and they didn't stop him. It showed me that he can be a bell-cow type back for sure and punish a defense. SO I watched another film, the one where I first fell in love with Zeke Elliott, the national championship game against Oregon last year LINK. This showed his athleticism, the dynamic cuts, the quick change of pace, THE BLOCKING (he did pretty well for himself). Both game films show a different type of running back and different type of attack, and they are both highly effective. He's damn good at punishing a defense (Illinois) and at being a playmaker (Oregon).

Florida vs Alabama - Vernon Hargreaves III - LINK I watched this game live when it aired and I loved watching him battle Calvin Ridley. He won that battle for the most part. He is a ball hawk. PASSES DEFENSED. We need more PD's. He made some solid open field tackles as well. He seemed a little timid at times when it came to tackling Derek Henry, but who can blame him for that. This guy is NFL ready, he can step in and play man coverage. He really reminded me of watching Marcus Peters game film last year. His combine athleticism (best vert and broad jumps) just is icing on the cake.
Florida vs Ole Miss - LINK I was hoping to watch him battle Laquan Treadwell but he rarely was manned up on him. Hargreaves is fun to watch. He loves playing the game, you can see it. He seems very competitive. They didn't throw his direction often which is probably smart. Again I see the athleticism and ball skills for lots of PDs. He's not afraid to get in there and battle with his opponent.
Florida vs Kentucky - LINK Finally saw a flaw, got blocked out by WR on run plays pretty easily. He lost a couple one on one battles in coverage but not for lack of speed or coverage, he was THERE, just didn't make a play on the ball. He seems to play better as a press corner than when he leaves a cushion (if that makes sense). He just is a damn good man coverage corner. I could watch these highlights of him all day though.

So after watching all this film Hargreaves is hands down my choice if he makes it to the Bears. He has the looks of a shut down corner for years to come and would make a formidable CB tandem with Kyle Fuller. In a draft that's DEEP in D-Line, we can target that in Rd 2/3. Hargreaves has a nose for the ball. He's athletic as all get out. He plays ALL PHASES of special teams and plays them well. KR/PR/Punt coverage/ Return Blocking, you name it. Against New Mexico he even played WR and caught a screen and looked damn good doing it. I just think we need more of THIS next year on the Bears. I for one am SICK of watching Aaron Rodgers do this to us.

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