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Chicago Bears Free Agency Live Blog- Rumors, Signings, and More

The NFL hits its official 2016 Free Agency period at 3:00pm CT on Wednesday. We'll have all the Chicago Bears updates here.

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Wednesday at 3:00pm CT kicks off the official 2016 NFL Free Agency period, and the Chicago Bears have about $45 million in cap space to play with. There will be a flurry of rumors prior to the official 3:00pm CT start time, but legal tampering rules usually do a decent job of keeping anything major from being leaked early.

That means 3:00pm will see a flurry of signings all over the league, all at one time. The question for us is: What will the Chicago Bears do? (WWTCBD)

Lester noted the latest Chicago Bears rumors HERE, so that's a good place to start while we wait on kickoff.

Also, it's worth reminding everyone that there will be TONS of false rumors and news reports that will undoubtedly get retweeted all day long, because people don't always take time to look at the source. Be weary if you don't recognize the name of the original information, and look deeper before retweeting and sharing.

Drop any rumors you see in the comments section-- We'll be providing live updates here all day long.

6:30AM - Jeff Dickerson tweets that the Bears would like to re-sign CB Tracy Porter, and have resumed negotiations with TE Zach Miller.

12:48PM - It looks like the Bears may be looking to upgrade their o-line.

Allen has played plenty of guard in the past, but Massie has always played right tackle.

2:45pm - Allen signs with Houston.

3:20PM - Bears sign linebacker Danny Trevathan.