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Kyle Long moving to defensive end full time, will play some tight end too

Would you believe Kyle Long is moving positions again? Would you believe Matt Slauson is rumored to be on the trade block? Would you believe this article is being written on April Fools Day?

"Offensive line, defensive line, tight end... Hell, why not Quarterback?" ~ Kyle Long
"Offensive line, defensive line, tight end... Hell, why not Quarterback?" ~ Kyle Long
Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The position changing for Chicago Bears pro bowler Kyle Long continues. After starting his career at right guard, he proved his worth by making two straight pro bowls. Last year he was moved to right tackle during the first week of the season, and wouldn't you know it, he made a 3rd straight pro bowl and became the first Bear since Dan Hampton to make a pro bowl at two different positions.

This year, he's going to try and make it at a third position.

Kyle Long's agent, Mister Mxyzptlk, has informed Bears' general manager Ryan Pace and head coach John Fox that his client will be moving to defensive end. "My client did the team-first thing last year and made the move outside to right tackle," Mxyzptlk said, "but this offseason we're taking charge of things ourselves."

Long is one of the better athletes on the roster, so position flexibility is a plus, but every player likes to have the stability of knowing his role.

"Kyle Long was told he'd stay at tackle a few months ago, then he was told he was going back to guard with the acquisition of Bobby Massie," Mxyzptlk angrily told the Chicago media via conference call early this morning, "but now with the Bears' latest free agent pick up, Ted Larsen, who is reportedly being told he'll start at one of the guard spots, we aren't waiting around to be moved to another spot on the o-line. We've decided to take the initiative ourselves and we've informed GM Ryan Pace and Coach Fox, that as of April 1st, 2016, Kyle Long is to be listed as a DE/TE."

The constant flip flopping of positions has to be getting to Long, and now with the added stress of having his good friend Matt Slauson rumored to be on the trade block, Long is taking matters into his own hands. Just a few minutes ago, Long issued the following statement on his Instagram account.

It has long been a dream of mine to follow in the footsteps of my Hall Of Fame father and my ok brother and play defensive football. Even though I haven't played D since high school, I have been told by numerous fans that if you move me to 5-Technique defensive end in Madden, I make the pro bowl every time.

This got me to thinking, if I'm moving to defensive end, why not pattern myself after the best defensive end in the game today, J.J. Watt, and make myself available to play some tight end on occasion. So I went to Madden (Follow me on Twitch!), inserted myself at tight end, and I had 7 touchdowns in our first 5 games. #IGotThis

The other reason I'm making the transition to defense is so that my guy Matt Slauson stays right where he belongs, at left guard for the Chicago Bears. If Mr. Pace really wants Ted Larsen to compete at guard, he can compete at right guard. #LetSlauBe #BrosBeforeAllPros

What are your thoughts on this latest development?