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Should the Chicago Bears draft a quarterback?

Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears are in a good place at the starting quarterback position. Regardless if you feel like Jay Cutler is good enough to be "The Man" or not, the Bears are content with him for the time being after his 2015 performance. With top pass catchers Alshon Jeffery, Martellus Bennett, Eddie Royal and Matt Forte all missing time, not to mention rookie wide out Kevin White missing the entire season, Cutler put up a career high passer rating of 92.3, but more importantly, he put up the 2nd lowest interception percentage of his career.

Cutler's 2016 cap hit places him 15th in the league, his cap hit for 2017 is currently 17th, and his 2018 hit places him 15th at this time. He's making the going rate for a starting NFL quarterback, so the money is really a moot point. Cutler is actually signed through the 2020 season, but he has no more guaranteed money after 2018. In fact his guaranteed money is very minimal after this year, so if the Bears wanted out from under his deal for whatever reason, they could probably do so after this year.

Cutler turns 33 in a couple weeks, so he's not over the hill. NFL QBs can easily play into their mid 30s, so finding a guy that could sit and learn for 2 or 3 years could be ideal. Maybe that guy is already on the roster in 3rd year pro David Fales, but maybe the Bears are doing more than just keeping their options open with all the predraft meetings they are having with quarterbacks. Maybe they fully intend on targeting one at some point in the 2016 NFL Draft.

So far the Bears have either met with or plan to meet with the following quarterbacks. I'll put their expected draft round according to CBS Sports in parentheses.

Carson Wentz, QB, North Dakota State (1st)
Paxton Lynch, QB, Memphis (1st-2nd)
Christian Hackenberg, QB, Penn State (2nd-3rd)
Connor Cook, QB, Michigan State (1st-2nd)
Kevin Hogan, QB, Stanford (6th)
Dak Prescott, QB, Mississippi State (4t-5th)
Brandon Allen, QB, Arkansas (6th-7th)
Jacoby Brissett, QB, NC State (5th)
Cody Kessler, QB, USC (7th)

The Bears have a private work out scheduled with Paxton Lynch on April 19th. Lynch is an intriguing prospect, because he has all the physical traits you'd like in a quarterback, but he's a guy that would probably benefit from coming along slowly in the NFL. He was more running back in high school and at Memphis he directed a spread offense.  Acouple years sitting and learning could do his career wonders.

The Bears have a private meeting lined up with Michigan State's Cook at some point in the near future. Cook ran a pro style offense in college, and scouts see him as a more polished player. Other scouts don't see much room for growth in his game, thinking he may have plateaued as a 4 year starter for the Spartans.

In my opinion the odds are slim either of these guys are still on the board at 41 when the Bears pick in the 2nd round, but if either one of these prospects are still sitting there, it would make sense to grab them.

The Bears could also grab a QB like Wentz at 11 overall. If he falls into the Bears' laps, it would be hard not to take a guy that really checks all the boxes scouts look for. He played at a small school, so here's another guy that would probably benefit from a year or two of holding a clipboard.

This draft has some quarterbacking options in the later rounds, but do the Bears have too many needs to draft a guy that won't necessarily see the field?

Do you think the Bears should draft a QB at some point this year? If you think they should, be sure to tell us who and when in the comment section.