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Mocking The Mocks: Todd McShay still has no clue the Bears have already moved Kyle Long back to guard

Chuck Cook-USA TODAY Sports

When we last explored the mock drafting prowess of ESPN Draft Guru Todd McShay, I was left befuddled. It wasn't his pick for the Chicago Bears at 11 overall, because I think Jack Conklin of Michigan State will be a fine offensive tackle in the NFL. My befuddlement was caused by the reasoning he applied to the pick. McShay wrote that the selection of Conklin "would also allow Kyle Long to bump back inside to his natural position at guard and solidify the entire O-line."

He said that a mere two sentences removed from acknowledging that the Bears signed Bobby Massie to play right tackle, Long's 2015 spot on the o-line. With Massie in the fold, the Bears have decided that Long is moving back to right guard.

Perhaps McShay never got wind that the Bears were moving Long back inside. Maybe McShay is so high up on the ESPN pecking order that he can't be bothered with reading anything from ESPN's Chicago beat reporters. Whatever the reason, it's good to see that McShay is sticking with his flawed logic in his latest mock draft.

In McShay's recent "Grade A" mock draft, an exercise he borrowed from his cohort at ESPN Mel Kiper, McShay is playing GM for all 32 teams and mocking the best fits for each franchise. He mocks a full three rounds and here's how he has the Bears picking. (The bold is mine)

Round 1 (11): Leonard Floyd, OLB, Georgia
Round 2 (41): Jason Spriggs, OT, Indiana
Round 3 (72): Hassan Ridgeway, DT, Texas

Analysis: Floyd possesses rare speed and athleticism for his position. That's good news for Chicago, which is in need of playmakers off the edge after Lamarr Houston led the team with just 8.0 sacks in 2015. The Bears picked up Bobby Massie in free agency, but drafting another tackle like Spriggs would allow Kyle Long to bump back inside to his natural position at guard, solidifying the O-line. Ridgeway is a great example of the value teams will be able to find with defensive tackles in the mid rounds. He'd be another welcome addition to a defense that was soft up the middle in 2016.

He did it again. Only this time he's drafting Spriggs in the 2nd so Long can move to right guard... The position he has already been moved to.

Couldn't Jeff Dickerson have clued McShay in before his article published?

As for his mock, I actually like Spriggs as a left tackle prospect. He needs to build some strength through his core and tighten up his technique, but I think he has a shot at playing the difficult left side in the NFL.

His first round pick to the Bears can bring the speed off the edge, I just don't think he's a player that will go that high in the draft. His strength at the point of attack will probably limit him to only playing on obvious passing downs as a rookie. I think in a few years Floyd could blossom into a very good 3-4 OLB, but I think the Bears want a right-now impact player at 11.

Ridgeway isn't a player we've discussed much around here, and that's probably because he projects to a 4-3 DT. He did play some 5-tech DE when Texas went to a 30 front, but I'm not sure he has the length (6'3", 33' arms) that the Bears want from their defensive ends.

What are your thoughts on this mock?