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Will the Chicago Bears exercise the 5th year option on Kyle Long?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

This is a no-brainer right?

There's no way the Chicago Bears aren't picking up the fifth year option on their 1st round pick from the 2013 NFL Draft. Kyle Long was taken number 20 overall, and at the time Bears' fans were a bit confused, but now he's arguably the most popular player on the roster.

Long began his career at right guard, he made two straight Pro Bowls, he was moved to right tackle last year, made another Pro Bowl, but now he's moving back to right guard in his 4th season.

You got that Todd McShay? If not I'll say it s l o w for you... Long   is   playing   right   guard   again.

Since Long was picked outside the top 10, the Bears would have to pay him the average of the 3rd through 25th highest salaries at his position. For the 5th year option the NFL says that figuring the average "for players at the position at which the Rookie participated in the most plays during his third League Year." So the 5th year option for Long would be about $8.8 million since he was a tackle. But since Long is technically back to right guard, I'm not sure if there's a loop hole.

Kenny Vaccaro of the New Orleans Saints is the only first rounder from the 2013 draft class that has had his option picked up, but it's only a matter of time until the Bears lock Long up for another year. The technical deadline if May 2nd, but we'll start to hear team's intentions in the coming weeks.

Charles Robinson of Yahoo Sports has predicted options on all those players and he feels the Bears are sure to exercise Longs.

Outlook: Like Pugh with the Giants, Long has great positional flexibility and could ultimately end up back at guard. He'll go wherever it's deemed he can have the greatest impact.
Likelihood option is picked up: High. He's a three-year Pro Bowler who could be an All-Pro staple if he ultimately settles back in at guard. For a fifth year, $8.8 million is a bargain.

What are your thoughts on Long's 5th year option?