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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

Matthew Emmons-USA TODAY Sports

1) The L.A. Rams made a big trade to move into the top spot of the 2016 NFL Draft. The easy money is on them taking a quarterback #1 overall, but analysts are split if it will be Cal's Jared Goff or North Dakota State's Carson Wentz. The Rams are saying they won't reveal their pick until the 1st round kicks off on April 28th.

I think Goff is the better prospect and would be surprised if the Rams went with Wentz. They are meeting with both this week however. Goff seems like the safer pick, but Wentz has all the measurables you'd want in a pro QB. I think both will be fine pros, I just think Goff will end up better.

2) But if the Rams do take Wentz, that would most assuredly mean Goff is going to the Cleveland Browns at #2 right?

Even though the Browns have struggled at the QB position since the Bernie Kosar years, there are some that believe Cleveland plans to trade out of the spot for a QB needy team so they can stockpile picks.

The Browns will be an interesting team to watch for thh next few years as Cleveland's chief strategy officer, Paul DePodesta, is taking an very analytical, almost "Moneyball" approach, to building his roster.

3) The Tennessee Titans, the team that traded out of the #1 overall spot, is rumored to be looking to trade back into the top 10.

The Titans have the necessary picks to get back into the top 10 and still end up feeling they came out ahead after moving #1 to the Rams. This is the kind of double trade move that millions of Madden GMs have been pulling off for years!

4) I don't understand how Trent Richardson keeps finding teams that want to sign him. He has a career 3.3 yards per carry average from 2012-2014 between the Browns and the Colts. The Raiders inked him last offseason, but ended up cutting him in before the season.

The latest team to give him a shot is the Baltimore Ravens, but they asked him to get into better shape before making it official. Maybe all that was holding him back was maturity and not getting his body right. He had a great college career at Alabama and his combine numbers showed him to be a good athlete. He doesn't turn 26 until July, so maybe he'll finally live up to his potential.

5) Denver Broncos' outside linebacker Von Miller has decided to pass on showing up for their offseason work out program that started yesterday. He was slapped with the franchise tag for the 2016 season, but he's seeking about $20 million more than what the Broncos are offering on a long tern deal.

Denver wants to make Miller the 2nd highest paid defender in the NFL with $18 million per year, but Miller thinks he should be around $22 million a year. I would imagine the Broncos are just going to wait Miller out and slap the franchise tag on him next offseason too.

6) Another unhappy franchise tagged player that isn't going to start the offseason workout program with his teammates is the New York Jets' Muhammad Wilkerson. Unlike Miller, who the Broncos plan to keep around, the Jets may have a draft day trade in the works for the 26 year old defensive lineman.

7) Usually it's a bad thing to get released by an NFL team, but Texans' QB Brain Hoyer received his pink slip at a time when the quarterback market is really thin. He might parlay his unemployment into one of the higher #2 QB paychecks in the NFL.

8) Did you happen to see this?

Some NFL Insiders have already debunked the tweet as fake, but you never can tell. It's something to keep an eye on as Nike and the NFL reveals their awful Color Rush unis.

9) Myles Jack may be the best defensive player in the draft, but he may find his draft stock falling because of some bogus reports. Jack had his medical rechecks at the combine last week and some claim his knee is a ticking "time bomb." His agent denies this of course, but if teams are circulating B.S. about Jack in hopes he falls in the draft, I wonder if there is any legal measure Jack could take if he discovers the source of the leaks.

Teams naturally want good players to fall in the draft, but if they lie about a medical problem to create doubt, that could potentially cost the player millions of dollars.

10) The Matt Slauson trade rumors keep circulating for the Chicago Bears. Chicago beat writers are reporting that newly signed Ted Larsen will be in competition to win the starting left guard spot that has been occupied by Slauson the last few years. Competition is one thing, but the way in which it's being reported gives the impression that the Bears actually believe Larsen is as good as Slauson.

History says that Slauson is a far better player than Larsen, but maybe the Bears know something about Slauson's health that they aren't letting on. Maybe the Bears really liked Slauson filling in at center last year and may want him to play in the middle in 2016. Or maybe they're just giving Larsen the proper motivation to get in the best shape of his life and to prepare like a starter in case injuries hit Chicago's o-line again.

I just can't see the Bears moving the 30 year old Slauson after the way he's performed in Chicago.

What are some of your thoughts this week?