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Chicago Bears 7 Round Mock Draft Version 4.0

We try and bring you guys a mock draft or two each week to dissect in our Mocking The Mocks series, but today it's my mock I want you to mock. Just as we did last year, our friends over at Fanspeak are allowing us to play around with their On The Clock Premium Draft Simulator.

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Earlier this week in my Chicago Bears 7 Round Mock Draft 3.0, I decided to stick with a defense only best player available philosophy, I figured this way I may be able to spotlight a few players that haven't garnered a lot of discussion around here the last few months.

Because that's what a mock draft is to me, a fun way to get the people talking.

That's why I take each mock down a different path, my first one was a strict BPA daft (like Ryan Pace could do) and in 2.0 I traded back to acquire more picks.

Here in 4.0 I'm taking a suggestion from WCG member KTB62, who along with a couple others, thought an offense only draft would be fun.

I'll say it one more time and I'll put in in bold, this is an offense only mock draft. Please don't be the asshat that says, 'Why didn't you pick any defensive players?'

I went with the CBS big board and it was difficult staying away from defense. I didn't want to go too far down the draft board to grab my players, so I stayed as close to best offensive player available that I could. Had I stuck to a strict offensive BPA I would have had too many backs and receivers. I did double up at one position and I had to go special teams in the 4th because the value was too high to pass up according to my board.

The Bears obviously won't go all O in next week's draft, but some of these players may be BPA when Ryan Pace is on the clock.

Here's the link to the full mock so you can see how the board fell.

First Round - Pick 11: Ezekial Elliot, Running Back, Ohio State
The Bears are very much in play for Eilliot if he is available at 11. They had him in for a private work out a few days ago and they talked with him at the combine. Ellliot is a legit three down back that can do a lot for an offense.

Second Round - Pick 41: Josh Doctson, Wide Receiver, TCU
Teams need three good receivers in this day and having quality insurance behind Alshon Jeffery and Kevin White is a smart thing. The last of Eddie Royal's guaranteed money is due this year and can someone tell me why Marquess Wilson is getting $1,682,787 this season?

Third Round - Pick 72: Joshua Garnett, Offensive Guard, Stanford
I don't think Garnett will still be on the cboard in the 3rd, but with the interior linemen, it's hard to know for sure. If he is siting at #72 when the Bears are on the clock, he'd be a no brainer as interior depth that would eventually take over at left guard.

Fourth Round - Pick 106: Cardale Jones, Quarterback, Ohio State
I had to snag a QB at some point in an offensive only draft, and Jones was decent value where I got him according to my board. Jones isn't my favorite mid-round prospect in this draft, but he does have the necessary tools to find success in the NFL if he's drafted into the right system and a team brings him along slowly.

Fourth Round - Pick 127: Roberto Aguayo, Place Kicker, Florida State
My board had Aguayo atop it for a couple of my picks, so I had to take him on value alone. He's accurate, he's clutch and he can gain leg strength as a pro.

Fifth Round - Pick 150: Ben Braunecker, Tight End, Harvard
I had to get a TE at some point, and this was the closest to BPA that I could find through 5 rounds. Braunecker is a very good athlete at 6'3", 250 pounds and he is a very willing blocker. His blocking was at times dominant against the Ivy League, but the NFL may find him needing to add strength and tighten up his technique.

Sixth Round - Pick 185: Willie Beavers, Offensive Tackle, Western Michigan
Beavers started 40 straight games in college at left tackle, and with improved technique and good coaching, he could stay there in the NFL. He may be able to fill the swing tackle role as a rookie.

Sixth Round - Pick 206: Dan Vitale, Fullback, Northwestern
The Bears have talked with Vitale this offseason and they could find a way to utilize his unique skill set. At Northwestern he literally lined up all over the offense as their "Superback." The line tight end, slot receiver and H-Back had 135 receptions in his career while also playing a part on the special teams.

Seventh Round - Pick 230: Chris Swain, Fullback, Navy
The "Swain Train" picked up over a thousand yards as the fullback in Navy's triple option. If Vitale is more of a receiving threat from the FB spot, Swain (5'11", 249) could be a short yardage specialist.

It wasn't my intention to double up at FB, but I'm a sucker for some old school lead blocking plays. New offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains has used a fullback in the past, and these two guys could give him some options. The key for fullbacks in the NFL is providing value on special teams.

What are your thoughts on these prospects? Do you see the Bears picking any of these players up?