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GM Ryan Pace on the Chicago Bears and the 2016 NFL Draft

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace met the media for a little pre-draft chat. He talked about 2016 NFL Draft and also about some of his current players.

Pace said that their draft board is set and that they are willing to listen to any and all offers for #11 in the draft in a trade back scenario. If Pace is looking to trade up, it's being reported that the Cleveland Browns at 8th overall is looking for a trade partner. Pace was vague when discussing who they'll target at 11, "We have more than 11 names."

He again alluded to his best player available policy saying that if the player is "special enough" they'd draft him even if it's at a position of strength.

On paper the starting offensive line is set, and Pace talked about the offseason additions, "Our goal is to keep creating competition." The one player that the fans seem split on is left tackle Charles Leno Jr. and Pace remarked that right now his competition is Nick Becton.

Yesterday we brought you the report of Ohio State running back Ezekiel Elliot saying he believed the Bears were in love with him and Pace addressed that.

Drayton, current Bears running back coach, was Ohio State's RB coach while Elliot was there.

Here are a few other quick hitting tweets from the Pace presser. To check it out in it's entirety, you can visit

Jeffery isn't attending the start of Chicago's offseaosn workouts, which Pace was notified of, but he does wish he was there with his team.

Are you guys ready for the Draft!?!