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Chicago Bears GM Ryan Pace press conference quotes on linebacker Leonard Floyd

Come see what Ryan Pace had to say about new linebacker Leonard Floyd!

David Banks/Getty Images

Second year general manager Ryan Pace really likes former University of Georgia linebacker Leonard Floyd, enough to have traded UP to #9 overall to draft him in the first round. This was while LB Myles Jack, CB Vernon Hargreaves, and OT Leramy Tunsil were all still on the board.

But during the Bears press conference after the pick, Pace indicated he wasn't the only one that coveted Floyd.

Here are some quotes/ paraphrases from Pace on the Floyd pick:

- Pace says Coach Fox has been pounding his fists for a guy like this for a while.

- Pace on Floyd's motor: His athleticism is so evident on tape. The guy never comes off the field; he's got great stamina.

- Floyd will play OLB in their base 3-4 defense and will play all around in their sub packages.

- Pace says defensive coordinator Vic Fangio "likes this guy a lot."

- Floyd's length helps him separate from blockers.

- Pace mentions multiple times that you have to collect as many pass rushers as possible.

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