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NFL Draft 2016 Results: Chicago Bears trade back in 2nd round

The Chicago Bears have made another trade in the 2016 Draft.

Jerry Lai-USA TODAY Sports

The Chicago Bears surprised a lot of people when they traded UP two positions in the 1st Round on Thursday night to nab linebacker Leonard Floyd, and again decided a trade was best in the 2nd Round.

However, this time they traded DOWN from the 41st overall pick to the 49th. The trade was with the Buffalo Bills, who ended up selecting Reggie Ragland, linebacker from Alabama.

In return, the Bears get the Bills' 4th round pick in 2016 and 4th round pick in 2017.

Ryan Pace collected draft picks in the offseason with a few player trades, and is showing that he isn't afraid to use them (and collect some more) now that the Draft is underway. It could be reasonably expected that there will be even more Chicago Bears moves before the night is over.

The question is... Who are the Bears targeting that they felt comfortable moving backwards for?

Stay tuned...