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NFL Draft 2016 Results: Chicago Bears trade down for second time in 2nd round

The Chicago Bears are still making moves...

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Pace is not afraid to move up or down in this year's NFL Draft, showing his aggressiveness in the 1st round by trading up for linebacker Leonard Floyd, and trading down in the 2nd round to collect another 4th round pick.

When they finally got on the clock (again) in the 2nd round, they traded back (again)... This time with the Seattle Seahawks.

As was the case with their first trade down, the Bears picked up yet another 4th round pick, so they must have their eyes on someone that they are confident will still be available towards the end of the 2nd round.

At this point, they may be trying to get all of the 4th round picks. Keep in mind, last year, they selected running back Jeremy Langford in the 4th round.

Will they go offense when they finally pick, or will it be a defensive player?

Stay tuned...