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NFL Draft 2016: 3rd round live updates (Open Thread)

Join us below as the 3rd round of the NFL Draft gets underway!

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

The Chicago Bears took a while to get around to picking in the 2nd round of this year's draft, and ultimately decided on offensive lineman Cody Whitehair from Kansas State.

This is one round after selecting linebacker Leonard Floyd in the 1st round.

Now we're underway in the 3rd Round, and the Bears will have the 72nd overall pick (tentatively, of course).

We won't have a live draft tracker tonight, but will be here all night for each pick.

Let us know your thoughts so far, discuss the 3rd round as it unfolds, and hold on to your hats in case Ryan Pace decised he's playing musical chairs again this round.

What do you hope the Bears do in the 3rd... Defensive tackle? Cornerback? Or maybe tight end or running back? They have plenty of needs left to address.

This is your 2016 NFL Draft 3rd Round Open Thread... Have fun!