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NFL Draft 2016, Day 2 Recap: Bears get Jonathan Bullard and Cody Whitehair, plus extra picks

Ryan Pace is not the kind of GM who takes the board that comes to him. Instead, he continues to move up and down in the draft according to his own judgment. The wild ride continues.

Kena Krutsinger/Getty Images

The second day of the draft turned out to be every bit as wild as the first. 15 of the picks in the second round changed hands at least once, and once again the Bears were in the middle of it. More than a few people were probably grateful for the graphics and charts that helped to track the trades.

For those who trust the other chart, so far Pace has traded away #11 (1,250 points) and #41 (490 points) and #106 (82 points) in exchange for #9 (1,350 points), #56 (340 points), #117 (60 points), and #124 (48 points), and a 2017 4th-rounder (worth anywhere from 40-ish to 100-or-so points, less any discount for the delay). In other words, Pace is ahead in terms of the value received on trades. This matches the rest of his deals throughout the offseason.

For those who do not trust in the chart, Pace maximized his number of picks, regaining the ammunition spent (and then some) on the move to get Floyd. This mirrors the strategy predicted by someone in his mock draft just a month ago.

In non-Bears news, Jaylon Smith went to the Cowboys. I am happy for the kid, but I'd be even happier if he had been drafted to the AFC like Myles Jack. On a related note, the Jaguars defense is getting scary. In between those two gambles, the man many think is the surest tight end prospect in the draft to San Diego to give Phillip Rivers some help.

The fourth quarterback off the board was Christian Hackenberg, a pick that was questioned at the time and that suggests someone has the nerve to disagree with EJ. Cody Kessler went to the Browns, passing Connor Cook and Dak Prescott. This might say more about those two than it does about Kessler, however, because (to quote the guru):

I feel like you could find 3 street free agents who were just as good if not better.

Perhaps the most entertaining moment of the night came when Tampa Bay traded up to get a kicker in the second round. Robert Aguayo is actually the most accurate kicker in NCAA history, and kickers are probably more important than ever, but it was still a move that had a few flummoxed.

While the boards debated over Pace's strategy, the Bears picked up depth on the O-line in the second round, adding the multi-talented Cody Whitehair.

The next Bear selected was one of EJ Snyder's favorites in Jonathan Bullard. Check out our coverage of that right here.

The Bears will end up with three selections in Round 4, unless of course Pace moves around even more.

What are your thoughts on Day 2?