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All NFL teams will wear a Color Rush jersey on Thursday Night Football

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Did you watch Thursday Night Football last year? Of course you did, you're a football fan and prime time games are must watch TV.

Since you watched TNF, you surely remember the Color Rush games. Who can forget the game where the all red Buffalo Bills battled the all green New York Jets? Well, I suppose colorblind fans may have forgot that one, since they really couldn't watch it.

Fans probably remember the Ketchup vs Mustard game pitting the all red Tampa Bay Buccaneers against the all yellow St. Louis Rams. Or what about the Spock vs Kirk Star Trek game with the blue Tennessee Titans facing the yellow-gold Jacksonville Jaguars.

Last year not every team on TNF participated in the Color Rush phenomenon, but during the 2016 season every team that plays on Thursday Night Football will be sporting a new, fresh and probably ugly alternate color combination.

The schedule hasn't been released yet, but there's a good chance the big market Chicago Bears will have a game. If that's the case will they go with the unlucky Navy on Navy or the awful Orange on Orange? Maybe the league will take pity on the Bears and allow them to roll out a classic White on White for the game.