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Live Draft Q&A: #AskEJ - Day 3

Who wants draft knowledge? I do! I do!

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Day 3 of the NFL Draft... hardcores only.  All the beautiful people have gone back to their BBQ's and softball games.  Only those truly committed to knowing how NFL sausage is really made are up early today, combing over "best available" lists and wondering if another trade down will get their team the extra player that puts them over the top.

It's the same way for the players left on the board.  No more first-class tickets and fancy limo rides.  Grinders only: with plenty of small-school wonders and special teams demons.  These guys are going to earn it.  "Head down and hit the ground running" is the only shot they have to stick in the league.  Their draft status won't buy them much of a break, if any.

That being said there is a ton of talent left and teams can get serious values all day long.  Running back, defensive line, cornerback and wide receiver all have some excellent players still available.  The elephant in the room for Chicago is quarterback.  Bears fans will keep a watchful eye (as always) on that situation as it unfolds.

After all the picks are over the fun is just beginning: the undrafted free agent (UDFA) scramble is on in full force.  Some guys drop out of the draft and the teams see it as a gold rush of free talent.  The power switches to the player though, as they can now choose the landing spot of their choice from the offers available.  It's the Wild West but it's a ton of fun and some of those players make an impact every year.  Thomas Rawls (RB) of the Seahawks is a prime example.

So sit back, grab a cup of coffee and strap in.  It's going to be an excellent ride. Fire off all the draft questions you can in the comments section and I'll answer as many as I can, all day long.  Note: if you have other comments or reactions to draft picks, there'll be another open thread as always... so those go there.