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NFL Draft 2016 Results: Chicago Bears Draft Grades- 2nd round pick Cody Whitehair

Come cast your vote below and let us know how you grade the Chicago Bears 2nd round pick!

Scott Sewell-USA TODAY Sports

For many years, Chicago Bears fans didn't see much movement in NFL Drafts when it came to their home team's selections-- trades were rare and didn't happen but every few years, so for many, this year's Draft has an odd feeling to it.

In the first rounds, the Bears actually moved UP a couple of slots in a sign of aggressiveness and proactivity, and grabbed linebacker Leonard Floyd.  If you haven't cast your grade for that pick yet, or want to see the current standings, you can click HERE.

But it was even odder to see general manager Ryan Pace move DOWN.... twice... in the 2nd round, rather than taking one of the conventional names that were still on the board.

When the team finally settled into their 56th overall pick, they were ready to make a selection-- OL Cody Whitehair from Kansas State.  You can ready the scouting report and initial reactions HERE.

Make sure you cast your vote below and let us know how you grade Pace's pick of Whitehair in the 2nd round.