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NFL Draft 2016 Results: Chicago Bears draft RB Jordan Howard in 5th Round

Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

After spending three fourth-round picks on the defensive side of the ball, the Bears spent their 5th-round pick on the offensive side, taking Indiana University's Jordan Howard.

Howard is one of the last members of Alabama-Birmingham's now-defunct football program. After setting a UAB rushing record with 1,587 yards in 2014, he notched first-team All-Conference honors in the Big Ten in 2015.

Per CBS Sports:

STRENGTHS: Powerfully-built with his weight evenly distributed throughout his frame, Howard isn't shy about lowering his pads and finishing runs, consistently getting extra yardage after contact. He initiates contact and keeps his legs driving through it, showing the determined running style of a bell-cow NFL back.
Faster on the field than he'll likely test, accelerating to top speed quickly to throw off pursuit angles. Good vision, balance and surprising lateral agility for a back of his size, making him difficult for defenders to line up. Strings together his cuts to follow blocks and weave through different levels of the defense, not allowing arm tackles to slow him down.

Only caught 11 passes in 2015, but flashes soft hands and body control to handle more duties at the next level. Alert and willing in pass protection.


STRENGTHS Showed ability to step his game up against top competition at both UAB and Indiana. Rushed for at least 145 yards in every full game he played. Natural runner who combines tempo with a special feel for spacial relationships. Pro­-ready vision gives him outstanding feel for run lane developments at the line of scrimmage and onto the second level. Consistently chooses best angles and creases for optimal yardage. For a big back, can make himself skinny through tight quarters. Decisive and punishing. Drops pads and accelerates into contact to batter would-­be tacklers on the second and third levels. Drives legs through arm tackles and goes about his work. Hard-­charging when it’s third- or fourth-and-short. Showed potential in screen game as receiver.