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Chicago Bears 2016 UDFA Tracker: Undrafted free agent rumors and signees

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Will the Bears be busy with undrafted free agents now that the NFL Draft is over?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

Ryan Pace has been a busy man, and the second-year general manager of the Chicago Bears will not be resting anytime soon-- now that the NFL Draft has officially ended, there will be the annual mad-dash for undrafted talent that has yet to be signed.

Last year, the Bears signed 17(!) players to UDFA contracts, and we can likely expect to see similar moves this year as well.  Keep in mind, they can have 90 players on their roster.

Keep in mind, UDFA season breeds many false rumors and bad info... We'll add in any rumors, but be smart about what you are keeping up with.

Stay tuned...

Thankful for the opportunity regardless of the situation... #GoBears

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