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All Chicago Bears 1st round Mock Draft

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

It's the weekend, by now a lot of you guys are probably on Mock Draft overload, so here's a mock with a different spin on it.

I'm going to mock out the entire first round using only players that have played for the Chicago Bears. In this fantasy first round mock, I'll dip into the history books and find a fit for each team with a legendary former Bear. I know it will look really, really odd to see these Bear greats along side the name of a different franchise, but suspend your disbelief for the next few minutes and imagine What If...

1. TENNESSEE TITANS - Walter Payton, Running Back
The Titans need an offensive lineman in the worst way to help protect Marcus Mariota, but the value isn't there to take an offensive tackle 1st overall. A great running game is a young QBs best friend, so why not get a guy that made his name running behind some bad o-lines early in his career. Plus he's the best football player to even lace em up, so it's hard to not have Sweetness go #1 overall.

2. CLEVELAND BROWNS - Sid Luckman, Quarterback
The Browns need to find The Guy at QB, so they grab the top QB on the board in Luckman. If he pulled off a 107.5 passer rating in 1943, imagine what he could do with today's rules.

3. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Dick Butkus, Linebacker
There isn't anything on a football field that Butkus can't do, so he would play any of the linebacking spots for the Chargers and dominate at all of them.

4. DALLAS COWBOYS - Doug Atkins, Defensive End
Atkins is a terror on the defensive line and he would give the Cowboys someone that would get after the QB plus play the run. Atkins is the total package at defensive end.

5. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Bronko Nagurski, Linebacker
Even tough the Jags spent big in free agency on defense, they want to have a defensive identity under head coach Gus Bradley. Nagurski was a great two way player, but solely focusing on linebacker would be best in this era. Plus they could always give him a few goal line carries.

6. BALTIMORE RAVENS - Mike Ditka, Tight End
While tight end isn't a big need for the Ravens, Ditka would provide a dangerous weapon for Joe Flacco. 

7. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Bill George, Linebacker
The 49ers could use a QB, but this is too early for the #2 guy on the board. George would give them a great ILB to pair up with NaVorro Bowman.

8. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Gale Sayers, Running Back
The Eagles have to be tickled that Sayers fell to them. He can line up all over the offense and be a dangerous return man.

9. TAMPA BAY BUCCANEERS - Richard Dent, Defensive End
The Bucs need secondary help, but there isnt't as much value this high in the draft. So why not grab the best edge rusher at this point and help out the secondary by making the QB run for his life.

10. NY GIANTS - Mike Singletary, Linebacker
Singletary will fill a hole in the middle of their defense and give them the kind of leader they need to get back to respectability on D.

11. CHICAGO BEARS - Dan Hampton, Defensive End
Hampton's experience at both DE and DT in a 4-3 makes him a candidate to play 5 tech in a 30 front. Good size, good strength and a high motor.

12. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - George Connor, Linebacker
Connor played offensive and defensive tackle before settling in at linebacker. His strength and speed made him a natural at the position.

13. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Red Grange, Running Back
The Dolphins seem to be collecting running backs this offseason, so why not grab one that is actually, you know, good. George Halas called Grange the best running back he ever saw.

14. OAKLAND RAIDERS - Brian Urlacher, Linebacker
The Raiders need an upgrade in the middle and taking a guy that is 6'4", 250 pounds that runs like a defensive back is a no-brainer.

15. LOS ANGELES RAMS - Clyde "Bulldog" Turner, Center
Center isn't the sexiest of positions for the Rams' move back to L.A., but Turner is one of the best and his toughness will help open holes for Todd Gurley.

16. DETROIT LIONS - Jimbo Covert, Left tackle
The Lions o-line would be stabilized with the addition of Covert.

17. ATLANTA FALCONS - Stan Jones, Offensive Guard
Atlanta would probably like to go defense with this pick, but Jones is too good to pass up at this juncture.

18. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Dan Fortmann, Offensive Guard
Fortmann is a little undersized, but he would bring a technical, almost physician-like savvy to the Colts' o-line.

19. BUFFALO BILLS - George Musso, Offensive Line
Musso was the first player to make All-NFL at two positions, offensive tackle and guard.

20. NY JETS - Wilber Marshall, Outside Linebacker
At 6'1", 231 pounds, Marshall doesn't have prototypical size for a 3-4 OLB, but his speed of the edge a frightening. He's a do it all OLB that head coach Todd Bowles would line up all over.

21. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Jay Hilgenberg, Center
Hilgenberg is the total package at center, he's smart, a good pass blocker and a good run blocker.

22. HOUSTON TEXANS - Johnny Morris, Wide Receiver
The Texans have a very good defense, but they need more weapons for new QB Brock Osweiler. Morris would be a good compliment opposite DeAndre Hopkins.

23. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - George McAfee, Running Back
The Vikings have to start thinking about replacing Adrian Peterson at some point, and "One Play" McAfee brings an explosive dimension to the team.

24. CINCINNATI BENGALS - Joe Fortunato, Outside Linebacker
Head coach Marvin Lewis is a defensive guy, so grabbing the best defender on the board at a need position makes perfect sense.

25. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Gary Fencik, Safety
Fencik not only had a reputation for being a hard hitter at safety, he had 38 interceptions during his career.

26. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Joe Stydahar, Offensive Tackle
At this point in the draft the Seahawks will take the BPA and Stydahar is just that. He als fills a need fo rthem at OT.

27. GREEN BAY PACKERS - Lance Briggs, Linebacker
Drafting a Bear for the hated Pack seems blasphemous, but this is the exercise I've decided to undergo. I've always thought Briggs would have made an outstanding inside linebacker, so with the Packers he'd have his chance. He is also a good enough athlete to play OLB on occasion too.

28. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Richie Petitbon, Safety
Image pairing Petitbon and All Pro safety Eric Berry. He's a 6'3", 206 pounder with good ball skills (48 career picks).

The Pats got caught playing with their balls, so no pick for you! But If I were going to draft for the Pats, Devin Hester seems like a weapon they would figure out how to use.

30. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Charles Tillman, Cornerback
One of the all time greats at taking the ball away will fit right in with Patrick Peterson and Tyrann Mathieu.

31. CAROLINA PANTHERS - Roosevelt Taylor, Safety
I'm sure the Panthers would have liked to snag ex-Panther Tillman to take over for the departing Tillman, but Rosey Taylor is a very good safety.

32. DENVER BRONCOS - Jay Cutler, Quarterback
Denver GM John Elway, who took over the team a couple of years after they traded away Cutler, was asked if he would have made the deal to trade Cutler. "That's hard to say because I don't know all the circumstances," Elway told the Chicago Sun Times, "but I do know how hard it is to get a guy who has that much talent at the position."

When asked by a Denver radio station if Cutler would still be a a Bronco is he were the GM back then, Elway said "There's a good possibility, yeah. I would say, to be honest, he's the type of player you don't give up on as easily as we gave up on."

A wrong now righted!

What are your thoughts on this Mock Draft?