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Former Bear Willie Gault still fast

The Bears could use some speed on their offense, how about someone eligible for AARP membership?

George Rose/Getty Images

Remember the 1980s? The decade of loud fashion, big hair, cocaine and dominant Chicago Bears teams?

I don't, because I was born in '87, but many of you do, I'm sure.

One of the members of several of those dominant Chicago Bears teams was Willie Gault.

Gault was drafted by the Bears in the 1983 draft with the 18th overall pick out of the University of Tennessee. While Gault's college numbers were hardly eye-popping, he averaged over 16 yards per reception and was a great kick return specialist.

No. 83 was always known for his speed and frankly, that was actually about all he had. Gault played 11 seasons in the NFL and never cracked 1,000 yards and racked up only a career high eight TD passes. Even on the dominant '85 squad, which he led in receiving yards, he caught only one TD. He could take a top off a defense, but that was about it.

But his speed was world-class.

While at Tennessee Gault was nearly an Olympian, if the U.S. hadn't boycotted the 1980 Moscow games. He would win several World Track Championship events. In his youth he was a world class hurdler.

In retirement, Gault has continued to compete in track events and set records. Several years ago he set a world record for the 45-49 year-old age bracket and then again in the 50-54 bracket.

Last week, he set records for the 55-59 age bracket since old No. 83 is now 55. From Fox Sports:

At the event, the 55-year-old set American and world records for the 55-59 age group in both the 100- and 200-meter dashes. His 11.30-second time in the 100 topped the previous mark of 11.44, set by Bill Collins in 2006, and his 23.24-second run in the 200 beat Collins' 2008 time of 23.36.

Maybe Gault's problem was that he was too fast back the day. He was likely out-running his QBs' arms (That's what my Dad always said anyway)! With the cannon arm of Jay Cutler throwing to him, who knows what Gault could've done. Maybe he should get a tryout with the Bears. After all, they say you can't coach speed.