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Which positions are still concerning for the Chicago Bears?

The the conclusion of the NFL Draft, the period of roster building and major player acquisition in the NFL is now over. The Bears had a lot of roster holes to fill, so what's left?

Kamil Krzaczynski-USA TODAY Sports

The NFL offseason is in its slow period. Sure, teams are getting back to their facilities with minicamps and organized team activities coming up, but it's hard to get excited about great athletes jogging around in shorts and helmets.

The excitement of rumors, draft boards, free agent visits, unnamed sources reporting "interest" in players and such are all but over. Players will still switch teams. There might be a minor trade here or there. There still could be a surprise release of a player with a couple more seasons left in him, but for the most part, the time for teams to sign good, starting-caliber high-level players is over.

Rosters are more or less set heading into training camp. Yes, last year the Bears signed Tracy Porter in June, but those types of moves are rare. Plus, at the time, it really didn't seem like that was going to be a move for a player that would be starting for the team for at least another two seasons.

The Bears regime of Ryan Pace and John Fox have continued their process of rebuilding the Bears' roster with younger talent that fits their schemes and way of doing things. A number of young, exciting players with a lot of good football ahead of them were brought in: Danny Trevathan, Jerrell Freeman, Bobby Massie and Akiem Hicks, to name a few.

Pace also added what appears to be a solid draft class, headlined by Leonard Floyd, Cody Whitehair and Jonathan Bullard. Ideally, at least three of the team's nine picks will make an impact in 2016 and hopefully one more than that can be part of the team for the long term.

However, there have been some notable absences from their pick-ups. Specifically at tight end and cornerback. The Bears traded Martellus Bennett back in March but have not tried to replace his production outside of re-signing Zach Miller.

Maybe the hype surrounding UDFA Ben Braunecker eases some of those lingering questions but how many times have fans marked an UDFA or practice squad player as a sleeper or breakout player waiting to happen only to see the player fade back into the abyss.

The Bears' pass defense was sadly lacking a year ago, despite an inflated rank. While the idea that bolstering the front seven to make the secondary better is solid in theory, anyone who remembers the secondary trying to cover Larry Fitzgerald, Calvin Johnson, Jordan Reed, Stefon Diggs or Torrey Smith last season will know that cornerback and safety play were definitely on the bad side.

Pace spent some draft picks on secondary players, but all were on the final day of the draft meaning that they are either a raw talent, have a somewhat substantial flaw in their game or both.

Offensive line is another position group that Pace has added to, but mostly on the interior. The two tackle spots have a serious lack of depth behind starters Massie and Charles Leno.

Pace has certainly added some talent, but he's also made some moves that have left fans scratching their heads or questioning if Pace is really as good as many first thought.

Which position do you think is still the biggest weakness for the Bears heading into 2016? Is there a player or a position you hope the team addresses before camp opens?