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What is the most embarrassing Chicago Bears jersey?

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Earlier today in the Bears' Den, Ken linked up an article talking about the worst possible Green Bay Packers jersey one could own. It sparked a nice debate in the comment section, but that article was actually derived from this USA Today's For The Win article, The most embarrassing jersey to own for every NFL team.

Some of the jerseys they reference seem a little off base to me since, for example, the odds of anyone actually owning a Green Bay Brandon Bostic jersey are slim to none. If we're talking embarrassing, we should be talking about jerseys that actually exist. Not some number that one would need to have custom made.

Luckily for the Bears, wait a minute, luckily is clearly the wrong word here. But for a franchise with so many recent draft busts, I'm sure we've all had friends that went out and bought a Curtis Enis #39 or #44 from their local Wal-Mart. A quick tangent here, #39 is a terrible number for a tailback. That number screams fullback or safety.

Perhaps a David Terrell #83 or a Rashaan Salaam #31 was a gift from your Aunt back in the day after she found it on the discount rack at K-Mart. Did you run out to Dick's to get a Cedric Benson #32 or were you excited to rep your #8 Rex Grossman jersey?

But before Rex was the QB of the future, another came in with that title and also donned that #8, and Cade McNown was For The Win's pick as most embarrassing Bears jersey of all time.

This article makes me want to pass on some sage advice; Never buy a jersey featuring a current player, always go with a throwback, because you never can tell how a player's career will pan out.

Tell us the most embarrassing Bears' jersey you own, and so we all don't get ill from the negativity, tell us what throwback jersey you'd most like to have and why.