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Five Questions With The UConn Blog about Kenton Adeyemi

We're visiting the SB Nation college sites of the Chicago Bears' rookie class to gain some insight on their newest players. Today we'll talk to Aman Kidwai of The UConn Blog, about undrafted free agent Kenton Adeyemi of the Connecticut Huskies.

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Thanks to our being a part of the SB Nation network, we have access to a lot of neat-o things, one of which is our ability to talk with the college sites that covered the newest members of the Chicago Bears.

In this series of Five Questions With..., we'll try learn a little more about the 2016 rookie class, both the players drafted and some of the undrafted free agents as well.

Today we're talking with Aman Kidwai, Manager of The UConn Blog, the SB Nation site that covers the University of Connecticut. You can follow them on Twitter @TheUConnBlog. We asked Aman some questions about Bears' undrafted free agent, defensive lineman Kenton Adeyemi (6'4", 291).

Windy City Gridiron - The Bears will probably ask Adeyemi to play the 5 technique defensive end in their 3-4 front, where did he play at UConn? Did he show versatility by moving up and down their defensive front?

The UConn Blog - In his final two years, Adeyemi was playing that exact role in the 3-4 defense new head coach Bob Diaco installed. Before that, he was a rotational DT in a 4-3. He definitely has some versatility in terms of responsibilities on the line, but he's a good fit in the 5-technique and has the most playing experience there.

WCG - The Bears ask their defensive linemen to shoot gaps and get upfield, but they also want them to play some 2-gap stuff from time to time. Does Adeyemi have the quickness off the snap to be disruptive and the strength to hold the point of attack?

TUB - I'd say he's much stronger at the latter. He wasn't a super disruptive player, but he's definitely a solid run-stuffer and two-gap defender.

WCG - He only had 3 sacks in his career, was that scheme related, or was he simply not able to get to the quarterback?

TUB - I'd say probably 70/30. We have other people who were tasked with rushing the passer, but his counterpart at DE in the 3-4, Foley Fatukasi, has been racking up TFLs and sacks sooooo.

WCG - As an UDFA, he obviously has a tough path to the 53 man roster, and his best bet could come by making some noise as a special teamer. Does he have any experience at this from his time at UConn?

TUB - I'm honestly not sure. I have to imagine he was on the punt and field goal defense, but definitely not doing kick-offs or kick returns.

WCG - Bottom line, do you think Adeyemi has enough upside to stick with an NFL team?

TUB - His lack of upside is probably what led to him going undrafted, but what Adeyemi does bring to the table is a strong work ethic and stable play at the line. He's a solid, if unspectacular, player who could definitely stick if someone with a team looking for reliable D-line depth.

Thanks again to Aman for getting us the inside info on Adeyemi.