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Daniel Braverman angling for a spot on Mt. Lunchpail

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Raj Mehta-USA TODAY Sports

Long time readers of Windy City Gridiron may remember back in 2013 when we asked you guys to pick the four faces that should adorn Mt. Lunchpail. For those of you that weren't around back then, Mt. Lunchpail is a kind of a riff on picking the four faces that should go on a franchise's Mt.Rushmore. But Mt. Lucnhpail isn't looking for the greatest of all time or even Pro Bowlers for that matter, but rather those tough, hard nosed, Chicago type guys.

Here are the lucky four that won the vote back then.

Wide Receiver Tom Waddle (LINK)
Fullback Matt Suhey (LINK
Long Snapper Patrick Mannelly (LINK)
Safety Doug Plank (LINK)

Chicago fans seem to gravitate towards the hard working, gritty, I-think-I-can, underdog, hardhat and lunchpail type players. We seem to always find a couple guys every preseason to root for, whether it be a try-hard running back that plows into the line or the high motor defensive tackle fighting for his career.

When the Bears finished up their 2016 NFL Draft, I figured I had "that guy" pegged for this preseason in 7th rounder Daniel Braverman. A smallish, but quick, sure handed wide out that some scouts feel was a steal. Then the kid goes out and tweets this photoshopped picture and I knew he was that guy.

Are you kidding me, a hardhat and a lunchpail!

I may be jumping the gun here, but the only way Braverman isn't on the next Mt. Lunchpail is if starts racking up Pro Bowl nods.

I can't wait to hear how he's dominating in camp.