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Chicago Bears sign 4th round draft pick Deiondre’ Hall

David Purdy/Getty Images

According to the Chicago Tribune's Brad Biggs the Chicago Bears have signed 4th round draft pick Deiondre' Hall, cornerback from the University Of Northern Iowa.

The Bears have been known for being first when it comes to signing an entire draft class, but this year the Atlanta Falcons beat them to the punch. There have already been quite a few picks around the league to sign contracts, which is aided of course by their deals being mostly set according to the CBA.

Biggs is reporting that Hall is receiving a $2,850,982 four year contract with a $510,982 signing bonus.

The Bears hold rookie minicamp a week from today, so I would expect the signings to come fast and furious in the next few days. I would also expect an official announcement of the undrafted free agent class in the next few days.

In case you're wondering about cap guru Cliff Stein, who Bears' fans have praised throughout the years, he's no longer the chief contract negotiator for the team. Stein still works for the Bears as general counsel, but former New Orleans Saints Salary Cap Analyst Joey Laine was hired last year to hammer out contracts.