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Alshon Jeffery named #88 on the Pro Football Focus Top 101

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Just when you thought we were done with the postseason list parade, we have another one to share with you. After the success the NFL Network had with their Top 100 NFL player list, other publications/media outlets started doing similar lists.

Pro Football Focus is actually one-upping the NFL Network and having a list that goes to 101. Their list isn't strictly a Top 101 grades list, nor do they take into account anything a player has done in the past. Only the 2015 season is used in determining their Top 101. They also create their list following an "all positions are created equal" mantra, so don't expect to see the so called 'skill positions' dominate the list.

The Chicago Bears ended 2015 at 6-10, so one wouldn't expect much love from the national list mongers, but the Bears do have a few few pro Bowl level players that may sneak onto a list or two. One such player is wide receiver Alshon Jeffery, who placed #88 on the PFF Top 101 of 2015. Here's what they said about #17.

It's unusual for a player missing as much time as Jeffery did to make the Top 101 list at all, so for him to be here at No. 88 shows just how dominant he was during the time he was on the field. Jeffery posted 807 yards in only 516 snaps, with only three drops from his 92 targets. Jeffery showed he was an elite receiver when he is on the field and healthy, and only those injury question marks are holding the Bears back from committing big money to him on a long-term extension.

Best performance: Week 8 versus Vikings: +3.9 grade

Key stat: Jeffery had the eighth-highest receiving grade, even though he missed seven games

It's easy for some fans to get soured on Jeffery after missing so many games last year, and playing less than 100% in 2014, but when he's right, he's flat out dominating. His 2013 Pro Bowl season saw him make spectacular play after spectacular play and he twice went over 200 receiving yards in a game that season. In these last two years there hasn't been many highlight reel plays, but that doesn't take away from what Jeffery has done.

Did you realize that Jeffery's 89.7 yards per game in 2015 is actually higher than his 2013 season? His average of 6 receptions per game last year was higher than his Pro Bowl season too.

The Bears still have to get his long term contract situation figured out and Jeffery has to prove he can get past the soft tissue injuries that plagued him last year, but if he's right, he should be back in the Pro Bowl again.