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Five Questions With State Of The U about Deon Bush

We're visiting the SB Nation college sites of the Chicago Bears' rookie class to gain some insight on their newest players. Today we'll talk to Jerry Steinberg, managing editor of State of the U, about Bears 2016 4th round draft pick Deon Bush of The University of Miami.

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Thanks to our being a part of SB Nation, we have access to a lot of neat things, one of which is our ability to talk with the college sites that covered the newest members of the Chicago Bears.

In this series of Five Questions With..., we'll try learn a little more about the 2016 rookie class, both the draft picks and also some of the undrafted free agents.

Today we're talking with Jerry Steinberg (@Category6UM) who is the managing editor of State of the U, the SB Nation site that covers The University of Miami. Follow them on Twitter @TheStateOfTheU. We asked Jerry some questions about Bears' 4th round pick, safety Deon Bush.

Windy City Gridiron - Bush has a reputation for being a hard hitter, did he have any issues with targeting or unnecessary roughness type penalties in college?

State of the U - Bush did get ejected from this season's Nebraska game for targeting. That is the one and only time I can recall him being called for that particular penalty. For a guy who makes so much contact both in the pass and run game, that's a good sign that he is under control. His reputation as a hard hitter is well deserved. Bush forced more than a few fumbles in his 4 years at UM. Chicago fans will love his thumping style of play.

WCG - Scouts differ on his tackling prowess, some say since he's always going for the big hit he tends to whiff, while others say he's a good wrap up tackler, what is your assessment of his tackling?

SOTU - Bush did miss a few tackles during his college career. This may sound like a roundabout explanation, but so many Miami defenders missed tackles that I attribute at least some of it to just being on a poor defensive unit. More often than not, he wrapped when the situation called for it, and went for the big play when it was within reach. He's a very coachable young man, so I expect he will do whatever the Bears' staff ask of him, in terms of gambling or just playing sound.

WCG -  Scouts also differ on his range, with some saying his best fit is as an in the box strong safety, and others saying he has the instincts to play deep middle as a free safety, where do you see his skills fitting best at the next level?

SOTU - Not to hedge, but somewhere in the middle. He made a few nice plays in his career playing centerfield (a pick of new division rival Jameis Winston comes to mind) but he's more a mid 4.6 guy, so expecting that type of success in the NFL is likely not realistic. Bush has good instincts to make up for the lack of speed, but his physicality would dictate he begin his career as a SS, who can fill in at FS if needed. Bush also played some slot corner at UM, further displaying his versatility.

WCG - The Bears had some problems in the 3rd phase last year, was Bush a guy that played the special teams at Miami? If so, was he any good there?

SOTU - Absolutely! In the Al Golden tenure, lots of starters played ST for the Hurricanes. Bush was consistently one of their better special teamers. His hard hitting made him a terror in kick coverage. He made some nice plays to help his punter as well. Bush should definitely help the Bears' coverage units.

WCG - With the Bears cutting Antrell Rolle, the safety spot opposite Adrian Amos is up for grabs, do you think Bush has what it takes to step in and start from week 1?

SOTU - I have no doubt. Not to beat a dead horse, but Miami players were not often put in the best positions to succeed during Al Golden's regime. Bush is a classic case of a player who will probably be better in the pros than he was in college.

Thanks again to Jerry Steinberg for bringing the knowledge on Deon Bush