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Chicago Bears place 3 in the Pete Prisco Top 100 NFL Players List

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

Ever since the NFL Network rolled out their Top 100 NFL Players list a few years ago, other publications/sites/networks were quick to get in on the fun. The offseason quickly turned into a non-stop list-a-palooza, but you know what, it is the NFL's offseason, so fans ate it up.

The best of this or the greatest that, the all time this or the worst of that, it didn't matter as long as there was an easily digestible numbered list that had one of our team's players on it. Then again, it really didn't matter if one of our guys made the cut, because then we would just debate about the snub.

Bottom line, these offseason lists are fun to talk about, so we'll continue to share them with you guys.

CBS Sports' Pete Prisco dropped his Top 100 NFL Players for the 2016 season yesterday and he had two three Chicago Bears on his list. (h/t to Raag Harshavat)

I'm really looking forward to seeing this guy healthy and surrounded by more talent.

97. Pernell McPhee OLB / Chicago Bears
He moved from Baltimore to Chicago as a free agent last spring and showed why he's a rising player as an outside rusher. He only had six sacks on the season, but he was able to get a lot of pressures. As the players around him improve, he will have even better sack numbers.

Here's another guy that I want to see make it healthy through a 16 game season.

62. Alshon Jeffery WR / Chicago Bears
He started just eight games last season because of calf, groin and hamstring injuries. In a contract year, he caught only 54 passes with four touchdowns. Even so, the Bears put the franchise tag on him for this season, and I see a big year coming.

And this guy should settle in nicely at his old position and make it to a fourth straight Pro Bowl.

49. Kyle Long T / Chicago Bears
The Bears moved him to right tackle last season late in the summer and he responded by playing solid football. But he's a much better guard, which is where he will play this season. That's the wise move.

Long was solid at right tackle, but his comfort level is back at right guard. A full offseason working with his new right tackle Bobby Massie, will pay immediate dividends.

What are your thoughts on these three Bears?

Did anyone get snubbed by Prisco this year?

Which Bears will make the cut next offseason?