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You can now vote for the 3 classic Chicago Bears games to watch on YouTube

Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

Do you guys remember back in May when we told you about the partnership between the NFL and YouTube? How part of their deal was showing three classic games from every team, in their entirety, on YouTube?

Yo do? Great, please skip the next sentence and check out the games that are in play to be showcased.

For those of you that don’t, then here’s the link to get you all caught up.

Here are the games that are nominated. Be sure to go vote for your favorites on the Bears’ Facebook page.

Chicago Bears vs San Francisco 49ers, 2001
This was the first game of the Mike Brown back to back overtime winners. (Pro Football Reference Box Score Link)

Chicago Bears vs Arizona Cardinals, 2006
This was the Monday Night game that Brian Urlacher took over defensively and Devin Hester scored the winning points on an 83 yard punt return. (PFR Link)

Chicago Bears vs Dallas Cowboys, 1985
This was the game that made the nation stand up and take notice of the dominance happening with the Bears. I still have the Sports Illustrated issue with the 44-0 score prominently displayed on the cover. (PFR Link)

Super Bowl XX, 1985
Chicago Bears vs New England Patriots. 46-10. ‘Nuff said. (PFR Link)

Chicago Bears vs Detroit Lions, 1980 Thanksgiving Day
True Bears’ fans will know all about this game. Dave Williams gave Lions’ fans an upset stomach on Thanksgiving. (PFR Link)

Be sure to tell us which game you voted for in the comment section.