Reasons for Bear Down Offseason Hope

When I found out that we got Trevathan, Freeman, and Hicks in free agency, my first real hopes for this season began. Add Bullard and Floyd and our front seven looks fierce. We have enough depth now in the front seven that if anyone slacks, many are ready to get sacks in their place.

The secondary is bound to have better stats by virtue of their new front seven rushing opposing QBs. While Fuller and Porter are slotted to be starters, Pace has a group of young playmakers competing to get playing time. If any prove to be a better fit, Fox won't hesitate to put them in. I also foresee some interceptions coming from the slot this year.

Forte is gone but Fox knows how to roll with a stable of running backs. I foresee a one, two, three, and four punch coming from all angles. Plus Fox likes to play the hot hand, so if anyone shows the talent and vision to play all three downs, you can expect to see a lot of them.

Slauson was pushed overboard and landed with the Charges, yet Whitehair seems to be looking the part in shorts. I couldn’t imagine a better role model for him at guard than Kyle Long. Add in Kyle’s friend Grasu who I expect a lot of improvement from with an offseason of actually knowing and doing what he is supposed to. If two out of the four Leno, Massie, Chandler, and Kling can show up and earn their weight as starting tackles, we can have a solid offensive line.

Jeffery plays this year. Period. He won’t have a contract beyond this year when August comes. Alshon will play his tail off like you have never seen. We have White healthy and he looks ripped. We have Royal healthy. We have a ton of replacements fighting to fill the void left by the injured Wilson. I am sure hoping it’s our seventh round pick for he looks productive and explosive.

Loggains and Cutler are synced. They have been friends for years. Both fluently know what we did last year and both are ready to add their own spin on the offense in year two. Yes this is year two. That’s what happens when you promote from within; continuity.

Cutler is coming off a good year. You can insert an entire article gushing over his attributes in this very spot, but personally I believe Pace did the right thing keeping Cutler. I believe in our QB. I always have. He is clearly the best quarterback to have ever played for the Chicago Bears.

I believe in the Chicago Bears. You can troll all you want, but I don’t believe a real Bears fan wants to wallow in the sadness that could be when you could savor the sweet smell of being in a new season with no losses. We’ve had a full draft under our belts that helps reload our depth, a free agency period that looked productive yet inexpensive, and John Fox has the team he wanted but couldn’t have last year; younger, faster, high team character, and competitive roster depth.

We have lots to look forward to Bears fans. What gives you hope about this upcoming Chicago Bears season?

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.