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Which Bears offseason storyline is the worst?

San Francisco 49ers v Chicago Bears Photo by Joe Robbins/Getty Images

The NFL offseason is just a shade too long for the 24/7 sports news cycle of today’s world.

The sheer amount of sports networks and internet sites out there that have to fill up their pages and programming with content means that often there is less substance and more bad takes.

It seems like it’s even worse for the NFL because the season is the shortest of the big four American sports leagues and it is the most popular, meaning that content becomes harder to come by but there is always demand for more NFL content.

In short, so many storylines get played out, especially over the course of an offseason.

While Ken Mitchell does a fantastic job putting together the Bears Den six days a week, I couldn’t help but notice that every few days an article with a similar storyline continues to pop up this offseason.

So it got me thinking: which storyline are fans the most tired of?

Here are my nominees:

  1. Jay Cutler’s relationship with Dowell Loggains

This storyline fleshes out in a couple of different ways. Either in: “Will Cutler regress without Adam Gase?” or “Can Cutler deal with another new playcaller.”

Both are silly because for one thing, Cutler already has an established relationship with Loggains, who has called an offense before (which is usually the closely-related third take on this “story:” “Cutler and Loggains are excited to work together because their friends”) and because the offense will change very little, it will not be that big of a deal.

Yes it is a little worrisome that there had to be changes on that side of the coaching staff, but all-in-all it was a small one that has been a tad over-analyzed.

2. Does Alshon Jeffery really want to be in Chicago?

This story has been written every which way: Will Jeffery sign an extension? Will the Bears make Jeffery play under the tag? Has Alshon bought in to the new regime?

The answers are, in order, most likely, not if they can help it and yes.

It is a lazy argument to question Alshon’s commitment or competitiveness at this stage of his career. Sure he has missed a lot of games but he’s never really shown that he’s quit on the team.

Even after his holdout and stories floated the idea that the coaching staff wasn’t happy with his work ethic, he showed up to minicamp in fine shape, according to the coach’s own words.

The on-off rumors of contract talks are very typical of the lack of fresh news.

First there was no way he was going to sign a deal. Then the two sides were negotiating, then not, as of this week they are still talking.

I still think a deal gets done but the whole Jeffery saga is a bit of a tired story.

There have been other topics that have been drawn out, but most of those actually had some substance, such as where would Kyle Long play and the still-unanswered is Jeremy Langford ready to be a lead back?

These other stories though have just gotten so stale at this point. Which offseason story have you hated the most? Is there a storyline I didn’t mention that you’re sick of hearing?