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The Bear's Den, June 28, 2016

Surprise! Last year the Chicago Bears surprised people in good ways (for Chicago) and bad ways. The national media isn't very impressed by the Bears, so let's examine some GOOD (for Chicago) surprises the Bears may have in store for the league in 2016...

Cutler hands the ball off to Rodgers as Chicago surprises Kansas City at KC last season
Cutler hands the ball off to Rodgers as Chicago surprises Kansas City at KC last season
Denny Medley-USA TODAY Sports


Submit questions for Windy City Gridiron Mailbox Q&A #1 - Windy City Gridiron - Join in on this new article series here on Windy City Gridiron, our editorial staff answer your Chicago Bears questions.


Mayer's Chalk Talk: How many holdovers on Bears roster? - - Senior writer Larry Mayer discusses how many players who were on the Bears' opening day roster last year remain with the team, the "Meet the Rookies" series and Bryan Robinson's blocked field goal in the "Walter Payton Game."

Ruiz: Ranking all 32 NFL coach and quarterback duos, from worst to Belichick and Brady - For The Win - At least they didn't rank Fox/Culter #33 out of 32, eh?

Smith: Refrigerator Perry is struggling, but says he’s happy - ProFootballTalk - One of the best things about William "The Refrigerator" Perry, who took America by storm as a 300-plus pound rookie defensive tackle-turned-running back on the 1985 Bears, was his infectious smile. So maybe when he says he's happy, we should all just be happy for him.

Householder: Peyton Manning snubs John Fox, roots for Lions - Windy City GridironPeyton Manning is undoubtedly one of the greatest quarterbacks in NFL history. If you want to throw in the "regular season" caveat so be it.

Mayer: Floyd featured in 'Meet the Rookies' - ChicagoBears.comBears first-round pick Leonard Floyd is featured in the first segment of "Meet the Rookies," a four-part series that chronicles the inspirational stories of the team’s newest players.

Infante: Three trade ideas for the Chicago Bears - Cover32 - As one Chicago team enters a rebuilding stage, another appears to be exiting one. The Bears have done a fantastic job re-tooling their roster...

Arthur Arkush: 2016 Bear Necessities No. 20, PK Robbie Gould - Pro Football Weekly - With the start of training camp in Bourbonnais approaching at the end of July, Chicago Football is ranking the Bear Necessities — the 20 most important Bears for the 2016 season.

Sunderbrunch: Jay Cutler: Fact or Fiction #1 - Windy City Gridiron - Sports fans are no strangers to exaggeration. However, with what will hopefully be a quiet period for the Bears, there's a chance to look into how much truth there is behind certain beliefs about the presumptive starting quarterback for Chicago.

Wiltfong: How many Pro Bowl players will the Chicago Bears have in 2016? - Windy City Gridiron - The NFL Pro Bowl isn't what it used to be. I know that sentence sounds like I'm a get-off-my-lawn old timer, but it's true. The Pro Bowl roster usually ends up with 2nd, 3rd or 4th alternates...

The Bears Den: March 28, 2014 - Chicago Bears offseason news & notes - Windy City Gridiron - A look back at two years ago... fresh off the Jared Allen signing... my how far we have come...


Burke: Deontae Curtis, Overcoming odds - BJCToday - Deontae Curtis was playing in his semi-professional football league in Peoria, Ill., when he dove for the football, landing just beyond the goal line. He caught the ball, but landed on his neck. This is his story of recovery. (Ken's Note: Deontae is somebody I know personally, and while this has nothing to do with the Chicago Bears it is a football story and it's inspiring... to see him transformed from a quadriplegic to stalking the sidelines coaching this season has been nothing short of amazing).

Antrell Rolle has heard from "a few" teams with interestAntrel Rolle has heard from a few NFL teams since he became available. However, he's waiting for the right situation before signing.

Jets' Marshall serving up healthy - and a bit strange - menu - Associated Press - First up, Monday's special: blueberries and ... grouper fish ?

Robinson: Could J'Marcus Webb be the key to the Seahawks offensive line? - Pro Football Rumors - Tom Cable thinks so.

Sieck: Packers president speculates move for shorter preseason and extra international game - - Green Bay Packers President and CEO Mark Murphy acknowledged what NFL fans have known for years when he spoke to a small group of reporters on Friday. "I think one thing we can all agree on is the quality of play in the preseason is not good. And players don’t need game time, they don’t need preseason games to get ready for the season. Certainly not four."

Lyles: Fewer and fewer NFL players are getting arrested - - Despite some high-profile incidents, NFL players' arrests have decreased in recent years, perhaps due to Roger Goodell's hardline discipline policies.

Finefrock: Former Bear Charles Tillman on freaky hand injury, charity event and the future - WGN-TV - Former Bears cornerback Charles Tillman talks about his future with the Panthers, his hand injury going viral and he shares words of encouragement for a Bears rookie.

Hub Arkush: Jadeveon Clowney has been more focused entering crucial Year Three - Pro Football WeeklyTexans' top pick from 2014 has yet to live up to the billing, but appears healthy entering 2016

Smith: James Harrison says he will only give a PED interview if Goodell "comes to my house" - ProFootballTalk - The NFL plans to send investigators to the first day of Steelers training camp to interview linebacker James Harrison about allegations that he used performance-enhancing drugs. Harrison says other ideas.


Demovsky: Is Lamarr Houston right that Aaron Rodgers is 'a little too arrogant?' - ESPN - Do other players around the NFC North think Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers is too arrogant?

Chadiha: Mike McCarthy refocusing Green Bay Packers' offense on basics - - After an uncharacteristically bumpy 2015 season, Green Bay coach Mike McCarthy tells Jeffri Chadiha how he's going to get Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers offense back on track.

Wobschall's Monday Morning Mailbag: Teddy Taking Next Step? - - Taking command of the huddle and of the offense pre-snap, sound decision making, cutting down on mistakes and taking care of the football are all areas where Teddy has demonstrated improvement over the last year, and it is these areas where he must continue to perform well in order to take the next step.

Reisman: Post OTA/minicamp Detroit Lions 53-man roster prediction - Pride Of Detroit - With OTAs and minicamp in the books, we have a better sense of who the Detroit Lions may have a leg up to make the final roster. Here are our latest predictions.

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