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Who is your NFL Spirit Animal?

Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Now this is a perfect example of an offseason, "when the hell will there be some actual football news" type of article. Hopefully you guys all get a kick out of it.

I originally saw this idea pop up as a retweet by Chicago Bears offensive lineman Kyle Long, but then our sister site, Arrowhead Pride, ran with it and it seems like some good old "still a month away from training camp" type of fun.

To find your NFL Spirit Animal, take the year you turned 18 and the date your birthday falls on.

Simple enough.

Here's my NFL Spirit Animal; Clifford Charlton.

Which leads me to this next question. Who in the Blue Hell is Clifford Charlton?

OK Let's have some fun with it.

Give us your NFL Spirit Animal in the comment section and whomever has the best player will win a super secret prize (probably nothing, but possible a peppermint). Be sure to "rec" the one you guys feel is the best NFL Spirit Animal.