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See where the Chicago Bears' rookies were ranked on the Dallas Cowboys' draft board

Once again, thanks to our sister site that covers the Dallas Cowboys, Blogging The Boys, we have access to most of the Cowboys' 2016 draft board, so we'll take a look at how Jerry Jones and company had the Chicago Bears draft class slotted.

Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

A few years ago, the detectives over at Blogging The Boys found the Dallas Cowboys' 2013 big board on Twitter in the form of a few tweets that they were able to piece together. That wasn't the first time the Cowboys had their draft board leak out either, the same thing happened in 2010 and Blogging the Boys were allover that too.

Well it happened again recently, and Blogging The Boys pulled out their magnifying glasses to get most of Dallas' big board up for all to see again for a third time.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones claims he doesn't care if this info gets out after the draft, but the Cowboys still see to it that it's removed if they find out about it.

Here's a picture of the tweet that they worked off, notice I say a picture, that's because the original tweet was removed.

But it turns out that the pic in the above tweet was part of a photo gallery that was up at

Notice I say was up, and that's because the gallery has been removed as well. The Cowboys should get a better handle on these types of things.

Back in 2013, Blogging The Boys were able to piecemeal the entire draft board together, but this time out there were a few names they couldn't quite make out. In all they deciphered 100 of the 149 names that appeared on their 2016 draft board. They also were able to make out a bunch of names on some positional group boards, so that could help fill in a handful of gaps from their overall big board.

Be sure to check out the full article over at Blogging The Boys, but here's what they could find on the Chicago Bears draft picks. Keep in mind the Bears run a 3-4 defense, while the Cowboys run a 4-3, so some of what they are looking for defensively may differ.

Dallas had 16 players with a first round grade, including Bears top pick Leonard Floyd, who went 9th overall. The Cowboys had him 8th on their big board, and they had him listed in their OLB/DE category.

Dallas had 24 players with a 2nd round grade and 26 with a 3rd round grade on their big board. Chicago took offensive lineman Cody Whitehair in the 2nd round with the 56th overall pick, and Dallas had Whitehair in their 3rd round category at 56th overall.

Bears' 3rd round pick Jonathan Bulard, who will line up at 5 technique defensive end for the Bears, was in Dallas' 4th round category. Dallas had him as their 73rd rated prospect, the Bears took him with the 72nd overall selection.

The Bears first 4th round pick, Nick Kwiatkoski, wasn't listed, but keep in mind that not all of the names were legible. There were two inside linebackers that they gave a 5th round grade to on their positional list they they couldn't make out.

Safety Deon Bush was the Bears next 4th rounder and he popped up as a 5th round prospect as a free safety on their positional board. And FYI, Dallas had players 93 through 120 with a 5th round grade and the Bears grabbed Bush at 124th overall.

Deiondre' Hall was the Bears final 4th round pick and he wasn't located on either Dallas board.

In the 5th round, at 150th overall, the Bears grabbed running back Jordan Howard, and Dallas had Howard as their 58th rated prospect in the 3rd round category.

Chicago's final two picks of the 2016 draft, safety DeAndre Houston-Carson and wide out Daniel Braverman, were no where to be found on their boards. But remember, there were a lot of defensive backs listed in their positional board that were ineligible. Also their wide receiver board wasn't available.

What do you guys thik about this peek behind the curtain?