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Alshon Jeffery is the most overrated Bears player

Minnesota Vikings v Chicago Bears Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

CBSSports’ Pete Prisco came out with his annual “Most Overrated Player in the NFL” list because it’s July and the season of lists.

Prisco lays out the central theme of his argument as “games not names.” He says he wants to see players who are consistent at making plays and not getting by on their reputation and name.

So with that in mind, Prisco set out to name the most overrated player on every team.

For the Bears that is Alshon Jeffery. Here’s what Prisco wrote:

When he's on the field, he's a good player -- not a top-five receiver. But availability has been a problem. He's started 16 games just once in his four seasons with the Bears and had only eight starts last season. That's probably why the Bears didn't give him a long-term extension, but rather put the franchise tag on him to make this a show-me season.

I think that is a fair assessment. Is he the best home-grown WR the Bears have had this century? No doubt, but he isn’t in that upper echelon of players such as Antonio Brown, Odell Beckham, Dez Bryant or Larry Fitzgerald. Jeffery is very good and he is sometimes great, when he’s healthy. But that caveat is used far too often because he is often not healthy.

Jeffery will play under the franchise tag this year and will have to prove that he has what it takes to be healthy and productive. I would certainly love to see him stay in a Bears uniform for years to come but its now up to him.

A former Bear also showed up on Prisco’s list, that being former tight end Martellus Bennett. Here’s what he wrote about the TE that was traded this offseason:

He dropped from 90 catches in 2014 to 53 last season. His yards-per-catch dropped from 10.2 to 8.3. That's not good for a player who turns 30 next March. That is a bit of a red flag. He's been a good player, but by the talk you'd think the Patriots acquired another Gronk when they landed Bennett. Not quite. He is a good blocker, which will help the run game.

Bennett has the issue of being a player with questionable motive, when he’s tuned in and focused he can be really, really good but a lot of times he isn’t focused or is focused on the wrong thing and becomes a distraction and his production drops. The issues Bennett has certainly earn him a place on Prisco’s list but if I had to bet, I would think that Bennett turns in a 60/750/10 stat line in New England. Other than the TDs that might not look great, but he’s sharing targets with Julian Edelman and Rob Gronkowski.

Do you think these players deserve a spot on Prisco’s list?