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Eddie Goldman is the most underrated Bears player

NCAA Football: Player training at Exos Mark J. Rebilas-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier today Sam brought you Pete Prisco’s pick for the most overrated Chicago Bears player, Alshon Jeffery. Prisco, of CBSSports, gives his overrated/underrated picks for all 32 teams in the NFL every offseason and as you can probably deduce by now, he tabbed Eddie Goldman as the Bears’ most underrated player.

I’m expecting big things from Goldman this year -- he was my Number 3 Most Important Bear of 2016 -- so he wouldn’t have been my pick for underrated, but from a national perspective I can see where Prisco is coming from.

If we’re really talking about who the national media and the general NFL fan base overlooks, you could make a good argument for Jay Cutler being the most underrated Bear. Then again, a good argument could be made that he’d their most overrated as well.

Here’s what Prisco had to say about the big second year defensive lineman, Eddie Goldman.

As a rookie in 2015, he had 4.5 sacks and did a nice job against the run. As he learns more tricks of the position, those numbers will go up. He really came on in the second half of his rookie season.

Maybe one of the reasons Prisco tabbed Goldman as underrated, was that CBS couldn’t even muster up a stock head shot of the man.

Come on CBSSports, you could have googled a thumbnail picture of Goldman!