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JJ Watt has surgery, could miss game 1 versus Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears may face a Houston Texans team in Week 1 without JJ Watt.

Erik Williams-USA TODAY Sports

On September 11, 2016, the Chicago Bears will travel to Houston to face the defending AFC South champs, but the Texans may be without their best player in J.J. Watt.

Reports have surfaced that Watt recently--very recently as in the last few days-- had back surgery and his recovery time will have him scheduled to return right around the start of the season.

The surgery was to repair a herniated disc, and reports are conflicting as to whether he will truly be able to play come week one. Mike Garafolo, for example, noted it could be up to 10 weeks before Watt is ready to go.

For a young Bears offense with many new pieces in place, not having to face Watt would be welcome. Then again, these are professional athletes, and they constantly want to face the best.

Will Watt be ready? Stay tuned...