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Bears announce retirement of Nate Chandler

Chandler was a Chicago Bear for a little over a month, becoming the second Bears offensive lineman to retire this year without playing a down for Chicago.

Christian Petersen/Getty Images

In a surprise move, the Chicago Bears announced two player retirements Saturday morning, July 23.

Along with the expected announcement of Bears great CB Charles Tillman's retirement following the signing of a one-day contract, the Bears also released information that they have added recently signed offensive lineman Nate Chandler to the retired list.

Chicago signed Chandler on June 2, 2016, following a tryout.

In his Windy City Gridiron article on Chandler's Chicago tryout and signing, WCG Editor Kev H speculated ""if his knee can hold up, he could be a value signing. If nothing else, he will help to push Charles Leno in camp." The Bears have not released any information about what lead to Chandler's retirement decision.

Chandler is the second pre-season signee to retire before training camp. In June, former Denver & Detroit offensive lineman Manny Ramirez retired following team workouts.

The retirement of Chandler adds perspective to Chicago's signing of offensive guard Amini Silatolu to a one year contract on July 20, 2016.