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Ten Thoughts on the NFL

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1) Are you in favor of second chances?

Former Baltimore Ravens' running back Ray Rice has vowed to donate his entire 2016 salary to charity if an NFL team would give him the chance to play. The 29 year old Rice, who has missed the last two years after the video surfaced of him knocking out his fiancée in a casino elevator, has been working out in hopes of making a comeback.

He tells the USA Today that he will give his entire salary to "organizations with programs focusing on education and prevention of domestic violence and supporting survivors and their families."

Rice claims he wasn't 100% healthy when he averaged a career low 3.1 yards per carry in 2013, and since he's done everything asked of him and more since his initial suspension, he feels he's ready to play again. He just needs a team to take a chance on him.

2) Speaking of second chances (Or would this be a third chance?), Cleveland Browns' wide out Josh Gordon has been reinstated by the NFL after missing all of 2015 for violating the league's substance abuse policy. His reinstatement is conditional on him serving a four game suspension, but he will be allowed to participate in training camp.

3) The NFL and the NFLPA has announced a new concussion protocol.

According to the policy, the NFL and NFLPA will each designate a representative to monitor the implementation of the protocol and investigate potential violations. The investigation will not reach medical conclusions; it will only determine whether the protocol was followed. Following the investigation, the NFL and NFLPA will review the findings to determine if a violation occurred and, if so, to recommend the proper disciplinary response. If the parties are unable to agree, the matter will be brought to a third party arbitrator. After conducting a thorough review, the arbitrator will issue a report to the Commissioner, NFLPA Executive Director and the involved parties.

3a) You guys may like this one too.

4) The Seattle Seahwaks have been a model franchise the last few years, so making sure the brain trust stays together makes sense. A few days ago they inked general manager John Schneider to a new deal, and yesterday they extended head coach Pete Carroll through 2019. Carroll has had the Seahawks in the playoff in 5 of the 6 years he's coached there.

5) Free agent quarterback Michael Vick is still trying to drum up interest in himself, his latest is claiming he's still one of the fastest QBs in the game. "No, Cam can't beat me in the 40," Vick tells the Charlotte Observer, referencing the 2015 NFL MVP, Carolina's Cam Newton.

Vick had three starts last year for the Pittsburgh Steelers and he still looked capable of leading an NFL offense. He just has to find the right fit, "I wouldn't say that I would go to any of the 32 teams. At this point in my career I would love to play for a contender. If anything, you've just got to be willing to make a contribution. In the NFL, that's what it's all about."

Vick may be one camp injury away from a serious job offer.

6) Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports says It's time for the No Fun League to get out of the pot-policing business, and I agree. I don't smoke it, in fact I've never smoked it, but a lot of people do.

A lot of pro athletes partake in it from time to time, and it's slowly becoming more and more accepted and legal. I think it's time for the NFL to back off.

LaConfora has a caveat to his thought.

If a player gets caught smoking marijuana in an area where it is illegal or gets caught in a sting with a massive amount of it being shipped to his residence or he is selling the drug or supplying the drug or breaking any state or federal drug law, then by all means I condone punishment and future testing.

What do you guys think?

7) Now that the Tom Brady and his deflated balls saga is finally done, I'm actually looking forward to seeing how Jimmy Garoppolo will do at QB for the Patriots while Brady serves his suspension. His college coach is comparing him to Dan Marino, so maybe Garoppolo does so good that the Pats have an actual quarterback controversy.

8) The search to replace Calvin Johnson continues for the Detroit Lions, the latest is one year deal with soon to be 36 year old Anquan Boldin. Last year for the 49ers, he grabbed 69 balls for 789 yards in 14 games, so he still has some juice in his aging legs.

I've always liked the physical way he played the game.

Did you realize that Boldin is a mere 16 receptions from 9th all time?

9) Jordy Nelson, who missed all of last year with the Green Bay Packers after tearing his ACL in preseason, is starting the 2016 season on the PUP list. His head coach says it's no big deal, mainly because he's on the PUP because he hurt his other knee.

I guess that's a glass half full way to look at it, but does this mean he now has two bad knees?

I doubt it, but at 31 years old, it is something to keep an eye on. Especially since the Return Of Nelson is supposed to fix the Packers' O.

10) Earlier today on WSCR in Chicago, Brad Biggs again talked about the possibility of rookie Cody Whitehair opening up as the starting center of the Chicago Bears. Biggs is usually pretty dialed in when it comes to Bears news, so this is a story definitely worth keep an eye on in camp.

What are some of your NFL Thoughts as Training Camps are all getting underway?