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Chicago Bears 2016 Position Battles: Will the young safeties show improvement?

Mike DiNovo-USA TODAY Sports

The secondary was a problem area for the Chicago Bears last year, but the question remains; Was the secondary bad because the front seven couldn't get to the passer, or were they just bad?

My opinion is that the new and improved front seven of coordinator Vic Fangio's D will make life much easier on the corners and safeties. If opposing quarterbacks have 4, 5, 6 sometimes 7 seconds to find an open receiver, defensive backs will usually struggle. If Chicago's pass rush can get home more often than not, then the zone coverage will stay more focused and the man to man will stay tighter.

While the cornerback position has some veterans to lean on, the safety position is relatively young. The only safety on the roster with more than 1 year of experience at the position is Chris Prosinski, and he's mostly around because he's a solid special teamer.

Roster Locks

Adrian Amos made a few all rookie teams after starting all 16 games last year and the Bears are hoping he can take a jump in play as a 2nd year pro. Opening up next to Amos at the outset of camp is 2nd year man Harold Jones-Quartey. Last season Jones-Quartey has a rough start to his season, but I thought he finished up well. His experience might be enough to hold off the two rookies and remain the starter.

Rookies Deon Bush and DeAndre Houston-Carson will both try and unseat HJQ and each brings a different skill set to the table. Bush had a reputation as a big hitter in college, so think more in the box strong safety, and DHC (I will probably be using initials on these hyphenated names all year long) kind of moved between corner and safety in college so think free safety.

A good bet to make it

Last year the Bears carried 11 total defensive backs, five at safety and six corners. I'd expect them to be right around that number again this year, so I think Chris Prosinski has a very good chance to stick. His 3rd phase play is what got him the job last season, but he ended up starting 5 games in Chicago.

On the bubble

Demontre Hurst could add some value because he has experience at nickle, but ultimately I think the Bears part ways with him.

What are your thoughts on the safety position?